Local Party Headquarters Prepare for Final Week of Campaigning

We’re now just one week away from the presidential elections, and campaign efforts are now in a full sprint.  Democratic and Republican headquarters in Escambia County are buzzing with volunteers.  We visited both the places to see what the environment is like just one week out of the big day.

We started off at the Democratic headquarters.  Whitney Burch, a volunteer, showed us around their building.

“This is our phone banking room,” she said as she showed us where a few cell phones were being used for calling voters.  “We have volunteers calling to help encourage people to get out and vote, come out and volunteer… Anything they need.”


There aren’t just calls at the headquarters.  Volunteers are also stuffing bags that will go out to voters in District 3.  Whitney says the atmosphere in the building has been very busy, with local elected democrats coming to visit and thank them for their help.

“It’s exciting to know that people care about the election,” Burch said.  “That they want to get out there and support.”

When we finished up, it was time to head downtown to the republican headquarters.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions made a stop at the republican headquarters and shared his thoughts on the recent Clinton email scandal, station no one should be angry at FBI Director James Comey. election1

“Fundamentally, this is her problem,” Senator Sessions said.  “If she had secured this information and maintained it like anybody else in the federal government is supposed to do, it would never have happened.  So I don’t think there’s anybody to blame but Hillary Clinton.”

As volunteers made calls, they spoke about the excitement as November 8th gets closer.

“It’s very exciting, yeah there’s a buzz in the atmosphere,” said Pueschel Schneier.  “Everybody is just so excited for Trump and really hoping he becomes our next president.”

One thing’s the same.  Both headquarters are busy making all the calls they can to make sure all eligible voters get to the polls.


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