Power Incorporated’s New Equipment Turns Heads

If you have driven near Rangeline Road and the Dauphin Island Parkway recently, you may have noticed something towering in the sky, and you wouldn’t be alone. Power Incorporated’s new crane has gotten a few stares.

The crane was recently shipped from Germany in several pieces. Power Incorporated pieced it together at its main site in Theodore.

What makes the crane unique is not just its height but the weight that it can lift. The crane is five stories taller than the Trustmark Building in Mobile, standing at 490 feet. It can lift more than 1 million pounds. The owner says it will be put to good use.

“The simple version is we lift heavy things for our customers,” says William Dickerson, Power Incorporated Owner. “We do a lot of industrial work, maintenance. A lot of our customers whenever they do maintenance on their industrial process. They need cranes to lift some of the old equipment out and put some of the new equipment in and we help them with that.”

The crane will help out companies in the chemical, petroleum, and power industries just to name a few. The crane is being disassembled Tuesday evening to head to Alabama Power’s Barry Steam Plant later this week. It needs 18 tractor trailers to move all of its pieces to be moved to the next site.

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