Mike Moore’s Family: Extremely Disappointed with Grand Jury Decision

Prior to meeting with the media, District Attorney Ashley Rich met privately with the family of Michael Moore to discuss the findings of the grand jury in the investigation of Harold Hurst’s shooting of the teen.

The family was informed that after reviewing the case the grand jury did not find sufficient evidence to return a criminal indictment against Officer Hurst.

Moore’s family was visibly upset leaving the meeting, speaking only briefly with the media. However, afterward they released a lengthy statement on the matter:

“We are extremely disappointed with the grand jury decision concerning the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Moore. Multiple objective eye witnesses swore that Michael Moore never reached for a gun as the shooter claimed. Mobile Police Chief Barber informed Michael Moore’s mother on the night of the shooting that her son was not armed when he was shot by Harold Hurst. Michael Moore’s medical records show that the gun was not found on his body taken from scene, in the ambulance, or even in the hospital while he was treated, chest cavity cut open and given transfusions. Only after he was dead and in the presence of a police detective who strangely showed up at the hospital, was a gun preposterously claimed to be discovered on this young man’s body clothed in only shorts and a tee shirt. Even the former captain of the Mobile Police Department publicly admitted it is uncommon for a law enforcement officer to be inside the emergency room while the medical staff is treating a patient and was “baffled” that the claimed gun was not recovered at the scene or that the medical staff did not discover the supposed gun until after Moore was deceased. The family of the Michael Moore calls upon the Department of Justice to hold the Mobile Police accountable for this crime and its subsequent cover-up. The family has been informed that the Department of Justice federal civil rights investigation remains ongoing. The family also intends to bring a civil rights lawsuit for these violations of the United States Constitution as a result of the wrongful shooting of Michael Moore and condemns the racially insensitive and inflammatory remarks that were recently made by the Police Chief and his wife.”

According to police Chief James Barber officer Hurst still has not been cleared to return to work, pending the outcome of the DOJ investigation.

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