Local Amendment 3 Could Lead to First Baldwin County Toll Road

Baldwin Beach Express

Where the Baldwin Beach Express and Interstate 10 meet, motorists have to make a choice: Go east, or west or turn around, but heading north is not an option.

Voters could change the direction of the project to extend the four-lane divided highway next week if they approve Local Amendment 3.

“What that amendment allows is to let the legislature form a toll authority and that authority will have the ability to construct, bid and bond the revenue from that future toll in order to construct the Baldwin Beach Express from 10 to 65,” says Chris Elliot, county commission chairman.

Permits, studies and traffic counts are already in place to build the 23 miles of road cutting through a mostly unpopulated section of Baldwin County. All that is needed is $200,000,000.

“We have no way other than a toll to complete that project,” Elliot says.

The Baldwin County Commission has approved their support for the amendment and hopes voters will too.

“It really is a way to put that cost on visitors [and] our tourist’s friends and off [of] taxpayers,” Elliot says. “A ‘yes’ on 3 really helps get that project done.”

Where the Baldwin Beach Express ends now at Interstate 10 could be the beginning of the new road project in Baldwin County. It will be up to voters to decide.

If Local Amendment 3 is approved and the toll authority established, construction of Baldwin Beach Express North will begin next year.

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