Causeway Vehicle Burglaries Under Investigation

Causeway Boat Ramp
Several trucks have been burglarized at boat launches on the Causeway.

SPANISH FORT, AL- The boat ramps on the Causeway are some of the most popular launches along the Coast, but they’ve also become easy targets for thieves.

Spanish Fort Police investigating several truck break-ins at a boat launch near the county line caught a break Halloween night when a patrol officer spotted a suspicious car in the parking lot.

Police say Odimo Brown and English Scott smashed a pick-up truck window and stole a radio and a Yeti cooler. Brown and Scott were charged with receiving stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The men are also accused of multiple car break-ins at two Causeway restaurants, including stealing a car radio from an employee at the Original Oyster House.

Additional charges are pending. The men are also suspects in car break-ins at a boat launch on the Mobile side of the Causeway.

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