Addison Russell Brings Pride to Pace in World Series

There is no bigger competition in baseball than the World Series, and for the Pace Community, this World Series is especially important.  Pace is being represented by an All-Star shortstop on the big stage, and the community is rallying behind him.  Former Pace High School Baseball Coach Charlie Warner spoke about Addison Russell, the hometown hero that’s doing big things in the big league.

The Pace High School Patriots are known for their baseball success, and Cubs shortstop and All-Star Addison Russell is a perfect example of that.

“Talent-wise, he’s in the top 1 or 2,” said Athletic Director Charlie Warner.  “His athleticism and the ability to do what he did defensively for us really set him aside from everybody else that I coached.”

The community is cheering on the 22-year-old.  Even the local sporting goods store is running low on Cubs gear.


Russell’s on-field performance isn’t the only thing that made him an obvious draft pick.  His hard work during practice and his leadership from the dugout made him a perfect candidate for the MLB.  He was drafted 11th overall, straight out of high school.

“It was hard to get Addison to talk about himself,” Coach Warner said.  “He always had time for people, he always had time for little kids.  After ball games, kids would come on our field and there’s not one time I would see him turn anyone away.”


His welcoming personality has made an impression on the community.

“He’s definitely grown some awareness to the community,” said Mike Westfall, the Owner of Adiktiv Sports in Pace.  “There’s a lot of kids here in our community that looks up to him and admires what he’s doing to bring awareness to a small town like Pace.”

And who knows?  Maybe he’s inspired the next Addison Russell.

“Makes me wanna be just like him,” a young baseball player said.

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