Volunteers Want to Keep Welcome Center at Condé

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Mobile’s welcome center still hasn’t moved out of Fort Conde. Back in January, city officials said they wanted to move the welcome center somewhere else downtown but haven’t made a move yet. We originally reported in January they’d make a decision on a new location in four to six weeks.

Even this late in the season, there are still a few visitors trickling into the Welcome Center. The fort may need a fresh coat of paint but Ronald Hunt is among those saying the welcome center inside the fort doesn’t have to move. A group of tourism ambassador volunteers felt so passionately about keeping the visitor’s center at Fort Condé they wrote the city council and the mayor a letter just about two weeks ago making their case.

“It just seems illogical to move it when it’s so closely aligned with Gulf Quest, the History Museum, and the Exploreum,” said Tourism Ambassador Ronald Hunt. Hunt said all the printed materials on Mobile for the last 30+ years site Fort Condé as the place to go for new tourists.

“A good place for people to come and we talk to people from all over the world right in this place,” said Volunteer Jon Conklan. City officials have suggested they want the welcome center downtown with good parking and easy interstate access. Mayor Sandy Stimpson argued in January Fort Condé would still be a tourist destination but it wasn’t the easiest spot for newcomers to get to.

We tried to get an update on the status of the welcome center project but didn’t get a response from Mobile City Officials so far. Since our original story in January, the Convention, and Visitor’s Bureau is no longer managing the welcome center and it is now a city project.

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