Special Supreme Court Set for Moore Appeal

Roy Moore

Three years after retiring from the circuit court of Baldwin County, James Reid will return to the bench as part of a special supreme court that will hear Chief Justice Roy Moore’s appeal to get his job back.

Known as a tough but fair jurist, Reid retired in 2013 after serving for 24 years.

The names of all seven of the retired judges that will form the special supreme court were named in an executive order signed by Governor Bentley Monday morning.

The names of those selected and willing to serve are: H. Edward McFerrin from Butler County, Robert G. Cahill from Jefferson County, William R. King, Crenshaw County, James H. Reid, Jr., Baldwin County, Lynn Clardy Bright, Montgomery County, Ralph A. Ferguson, Jr., Jefferson County and John D. Coggin from Cherokee County.

Last week, 50 names of retired judges were pulled out of a candy box, one-by-one by a court clerk. Only one of the first seven names pulled agreed to serve in the case.

Judge Moore stormed out of the proceedings last week and still thinks the system used to name the special court is unfair. “I disagree with the procedure. This is wrong.”

Moore was suspended as chief justice for an order he issued to probate judges involving same-sex marriage in Alabama.

His appeal is expected to be heard sometime after the first of the year.

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