On the Ballot: Sunday Alcohol Sales To Be Voted on in Milton

At Ollie’s Bar and Grille in Milton, it’s the talk of the town: Sunday alcohol sales

“From the business perspective, we don’t sell alcohol because of the laws here,” says Mahedi Jaoui, a local business owner.

“I just think so much money is being sucked out of Santa Rosa county, and going into Escambia County and other surrounding counties, because they won’t allow alcohol sales on Sunday,” said John Wooten, a customer out today.

This group says it certainly boils down to dollars and cents.

Take a look at the sample ballot: In the right hand corner a small box with the referendum and the option of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to alcohol sales.

For City Manager Brian Watkins, he says it was placed on the ballot by the simple fact that business owners and citizens kept asking for it over the past year.

“The City Council came to their recommendation that it would be the best thing to do would be to put a referendum on the ballot to allow the people of Milton to decide if there should be alcohol sales on Sunday,” Watkins said.

For the International Corner Restaurant and Spirits in Milton, the owner would take advantage of the passage.

“Sunday could be another business day because we would be open,” says business owner Richard Brown.

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