Sausage Fest is more than Just the Meat

Sausages were served hot and smoky in Elberta Town Park on Saturday. It was all part of the 30th semi-annual Elberta Sausage Fest.

The Elberta Fire Department hosts the festival twice a year to raise money for the volunteer department.  This time they had a 5K race too.  The money is used to purchase equipment, trucks, and uniforms.  But the festivals main food has a deeper meaning to the town of Elberta.

“Yeah, this was a German settlement,” said Steve Kirpatrick, Elberta Fire Department. “It’s a good sausage. It’s got a little garlic taste to it but it’s really good the way it’s cooked over the open pit, open fire.”

The department estimated that it would sell out of all of their sausages.  That means that 20,000 sausages were sold.

If you missed out this time, mark March 25th on your calendar.  The German Sausage Festival happens on the last Saturday in March and the last Saturday in October.

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