Nearly 300,000 New Voters in Alabama

Foley, AL (WKRG)

We’re about one week away from the presidential election.  The deadline to register to vote in Alabama passed last week on October 24th.  Drive around Baldwin county long enough, and you’re bound to find a campaign sign in a front yard–with at least one voter eager to cast a ballot.  A Trump sign sits in Derrick Perdue’s yard.

“I have always been a pro-voter you can’t take democracy for granted your right to vote is the democratic process,” said Perdue.  Statewide, Alabama added 295,325 people to its voter rolls between December 2015 and the October 24th registration deadline.  Baldwin County had the 4th highest percentage growth in the state.

Here’s a look at the top ten Alabama Counties sorted by the percentage increase of their registered voter totals.

county Dec 2015 Oct 2016 Increase %increase
LEE 87993 101806 13,813 15.70%
LIMESTONE 50643 58101 7,458 14.73%
RUSSELL 31574 35956 4,382 13.88%
BALDWIN 127958 145252 17,294 13.52%
SHELBY 124640 141088 16,448 13.20%
ELMORE 47497 53341 5,844 12.30%
CHEROKEE 15011 16836 1,825 12.16%
HOUSTON 61534 68960 7,426 12.07%
COFFEE 29634 33142 3,508 11.84%
AUTAUGA 34151 38188 4,037 11.82%

Here’s a look at the top ten Alabama counties sorted by the increase in voters

Rank county Increase
1 JEFFERSON 41,126
2 MADISON 27,061
3 MOBILE 24,028
4 BALDWIN 17,294
5 SHELBY 16,448
7 LEE 13,813
10 HOUSTON 7,426

“It says to me our citizens are active and they want to express their right and opportunity to vote,” said Baldwin County Probate Judge Tim Russell.  You’d expect the counties with the largest populations to have the highest increases in registered voters.  Your expectations get thrown when you see Baldwin County ranks 4th in the total increase of voters.  Baldwin is performing better than larger counties like Shelby and Montgomery in this comparison.

“What I’m seeing this year is a total awareness of the election and our citizens  are ready for it to be over with,” said Russell.

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