Couple Scams Local Stores Out Of Thousands

“Unless we get the merchandise back or somehow find them and make them pay us there’s no way we can recoup any of the money,” Allyn Cameron said.

Cameron is an employee at Cindy Meador Interiors in Gulf Shores. The store was scammed out of four thousand dollars by a couple running a pre-paid credit card scam along the Gulf Coast.

Cameron says the couple came into the store and picked out several items they said was for a home they were planning to purchase in the area.

“His card initially was declined and he was like ‘Oh, I have Life-Lock and you have to put this code into your credit card terminal and it lets them know that it’s me because we’re traveling out of our home state’,” Cameron said.

It was one of Allyn’s coworkers who checked the couple out, “She even called our credit card company and they never said don’t run that card again- so she went ahead and ran the card, it looked like a prepaid gift card, and it went through.”

Allyn Cameron posted on Facebook after the incident warning other local businesses to beware of the scam. It turns out the duo has scammed several other stores in the area.scammer-couple

The Puppy Den in Daphne posted a similar Facebook warning. They said the couple had attempted to steal one of their puppies, but failed to produce an ID and were unable to do so.


Also, this is a photo taken by an employee at the Hair-Do Salon in Spanish Fort, where they reportedly walked away with one thousand dollars worth of products.scam

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