What’s Working: Health Clinic for Uninsured Hoping to Expand

A local health clinic that provides medical care to patients without health insurance is hoping to expand. Victory Health Partners  only takes patients who do not have insurance. Patients only pay a twenty-five fee, and most services and prescriptions are included. Victory Health opened fourteen years ago, as a result of the vision of Dr. Robert Lightfoot. He wanted to start a health ministry to help people who can’t afford insurance. He says, “It’s hard-working families. Families who can’t afford health insurance and so they are stuck in the gap,  and they put off health care because they can’t afford it.”

Dr. Lightfoot says their services have expanded so much, because,  despite the affordable care act,  tens of thousands of families in our area do not have insurance. Melinda Licht and her husband fall in that gap. He lost his job at the beginning of the year, which means they lost their insurance.  She appreciates the staff at Victory.  “They are good Christian people and trying to fill a gap that exists in the system.”

Victory Health Partners hopes to expand, but they are currently looking for a bigger space. The building they are in has served them well, but they need more rooms to see patients. They have added many specialties since they first opened fourteen years ago. Dr. Lightfoot believes the right space will come along. “God called us to this. It’s a passion, and it’s a mission for us. We are first and foremost a mission. When God calls you for something. He enables you for that.”

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