Re-purposing Bankhead Tunnel Among Mobile River Crossing Options

The Alabama Department of Transportation unveiled three options last night for bikers and pedestrians to cross the Mobile River. It’s part of the I-10 bridge project, and officials held a public meeting Thursday night to get public input.

One of the design options would create a path along the Cochran-Africatown Bridge. Another would cut off the Bankhead Tunnel to drivers to be used exclusively for pedestrian and biking traffic.

ALDOT is also considering building the walkway along directly into the new mobile river bridge. Among the citizens at the meeting, that seemed to be the most popular option.

“It’s somewhere that I would take people to show Mobile because you would be up in the air you’re able to see the city, you’re able to see our bay in a way that you just haven’t before,” said Dan Friedline.

Whichever option is selected, enthusiasts say it is a must have for Mobile.

“I think mobile is on the cusp of really growing and really developing its identity as a city and I think that pedestrian and bicycle access is a huge part of that,” said Yael Girard. “It’s something that all cities that are modernizing are taking into consideration and it’s time for mobile to really push that forward.”

Citizens were able to leave comments for ALDOT to review before making a decision. An online form is also available for people to leave comments until November 11.

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