Operation City H.E.A.T: News 5 Follows Officers As They Cut Out “Cancer”

As part of a new initiative to crack down on crime and violence, police are taking a tougher stance on removing what they call cancers to the community.

“We’re going into the Theodore area where we had a homicide out here along with several shootouts,” said Chief James Barber, Mobile Police Department.

This Thursday, officers from narcotics, along with their partners in federal agencies executed search warrants to round up suspects and seize drugs.

“And so we’re trying to put a stop to the violence in the area it seems to drive by the systemic violence that follows the open air drug trade.”

News 5 followed about a dozen squad cars and a detail of about 30 officers to a home on Bob Street.

“The number of drugs coming out this house is just a plague and cancer to the entire area.”

While we were there, officers showed us crack cocaine they were able to seize, along with ammo to potentially a gun used in a recent shoot out.

Four people were arrested at this Bob Street location, although initially, two suspects took off running before officers caught them.

“Again we’re facing the most violence people in our community.”

And before this Thursday’s operations, undercover stings were held to catch the suspects dealing drugs on video.


But it’s not just the drugs, and suspects police will be taking away.

“We’ll also be executing a temporary restraining order we will be seizing a house which has been a prolific house in facilitating drug transactions in the neighborhood.”

Neighbors across the street saw the commotion and came out to watch.  Many told us they didn’t want to go on camera, but asked what good does arrest two people for drugs do for the murder rate and unsolved cases.

“The idea is to put a stop to the violence and allow the detectives enough time to find out who is doing the shooting so that we can get them in custody.”

Operations are planned to continue, although not all will be announced.  This includes curfew enforcement for teens, more safety checkpoints, along with probation checks.  We’ll check back with police on their operations, and keep you updated.

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