New Video Shows Tiger Injuring Trainer at Pensacola Interstate Fair

An assistant trainer batted off the two-year-old tiger after it pounced on the main trainer during the Pensacola Interstate Fair on Oct. 25. A video released capturing the incident, going viral within a day.

A new video going viral online shows a tiger injuring its trainer at the Pensacola Interstate Fair on Tuesday.

In the video, trainer Vicenta Pages falls down and the tiger — a 2-year-old Bengal named “Gandhi” — jumps on her leg. Pages fiance and fellow trainer, David Donnert, jumps in and repeatedly beats the tiger to get hold of the situation.

Pages required surgery for cuts to her leg. Florida state officials are investigating.

Donnert and Pages have said they don’t want any harm to come to the young tiger. Donnert had said the tiger was just “too playful” when Pages fell down.

“It was an accident,” Donnert told the CW55 on Tuesday, shortly after the incident.

WKRG and the CW55 acquired rights to air the video from Storyful:

The Florida Wildlife Commission released the following statement:

On the morning of October 25, a tiger injured trainer Vicenta Pages during a demonstration for school children at the Pensacola Interstate Fair. The tiger was never accessible by the public, and at no time were the school children or other members of the public in any danger. Ms. Pages was bitten and clawed by the tiger, and suffered substantial injuries to her leg. The tiger was immediately secured by a co-handler into another enclosure, and she was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The FWC Captive Wildlife Section was notified of the incident quickly after it occurred, and an FWC investigator has been assigned to the incident.

Pages White Tiger Show is licensed by the FWC for Class I wildlife. The facility was last inspected by the FWC in November 2015, and staff found no violations. The inspection of the facility included all animal enclosures.

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