Open Container Hours Poised to be Permanent

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
Open containers, the entertainment district, really a big deal any time of year. The City Council is poised to make changes to open container times permanent. They were originally 4PM to 2AM. Over the summer, after incidents of violence, including the aftermath of one shooting caught on camera by News 5’s JB Biunno. The City Council responded. They made changes to certain ordinances to crack down on violence and disruptions in what should be a peaceful entertainment district. One change was when open containers would be allowed. In August the City Council changed the hours from noon to midnight. This ordinance would make that change permanent. City officials pushing it forward because it would give tourists more hours during the daytime where people could have a drink outside.

“We believe if Mobile is going to be a tourist destination that we need to allow visitors who are on vacation to enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with lunch and this ordinance allows that to happen,” said Carol Hunter with the Downtown Mobile Alliance.  Another change introduced in August was a no-cruising ordinance around the entertainment district. That’s set to expire on November 17th. Council President Gina Gregory said she’s really received no feedback on whether this is needed from the Police Chief so they’re content with letting this expire in mid-November.


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