Florida Early Voting Kicks Off

Floridians took advantage of the extended voter registration deadline, but the trend didn’t stop there. They also seem to be taking full advantage of casting their votes ahead of time.

Escambia County Elections Supervisor David H. Stafford said Florida’s early voting season is off to a great start.

“It’s been very brisk,” Stafford said. “We were expecting it to be busy, but it has probably exceeded our expectations.”

Stafford said there’s about 209,000 voters in Escambia County alone.

“[There] seems like there is a lot of interest, so we want to provide every opportunity there is for people to go out and cast their ballot,” Stafford said.

And voters seem to think the sooner, the better.

“[It was just] two minutes of my time to get in there and make this decision,” said Daniel Pennington.

No lines? No problem.

“Vote while [there isn’t] any hustle and bustle or anything,” said Angela Broughton.

And some took advantage of the early voting so they can participate in more charitable acts come Election Day.

“I want to be available on election day to drive people to the polls who don’t have access, who may not have a car or can’t afford a taxi to get to their polling place,” said Helene Donovan.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that early voting helps ensure all Floridians’ voices are heard.

“I really appreciate early voting being available for people who have dynamic schedules,” said Camillia Benson.

And that’s precisely why the program’s in place.

To cast an early vote, show up at your polling place any time between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. from now until Nov. 6. Otherwise, you can vote on Election Day, Nov. 8.



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