Police Auctions Draw a Crowd

A good crowd on a cold morning for a police auction.

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
Whatever you’re looking for a police auction might have it, or something like it. The semi-regular unclaimed property auction always draws a crowd. There are items of all sorts like electronics, bikes, TV’s and miscellaneous stuff.

These are items stolen in crimes or seized in crimes. At first, all this stuff is evidence. After some effort, as police determine they can’t find the owner, it takes up space in storage. These semi-regular events are meant to clear out the old because there’s always stuff coming in.

The bidding can be as small as a dollar and as high as a couple hundred dollars. Sometimes the bidding can be fierce and competitive as people egg each other on. The items don’t always work–everything is sold as is. Some people I’ve talked to look at this as an investment. They’ll buy something cheap and try to resell it later.

It’s hard to track what’s sold here–most are listed as lots of assorted items–but bikes make up a bulk of the lots sold. Most of the lots up for sale go for small amounts of money but it can add up–an auction held one year ago at this time brought in $8,755 with the average lot selling for $49.74.

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