Delauna Powell Murder Sparks Discussion For Change

Today would have been Delauna Anderson’s 25th birthday, but she was gunned down on Tuesday on her way to work.  Police have yet to find a motive; they think it could have been a random act of violence.

Since the tragedy her family has been quiet, but along with friends they came together for a candlelight vigil in her memory this Friday.

“It was just getting started,” said Jay Dennis.

One of those who helped plan the event is Dennis. He and Powell were planning their life together.  He had just surprised her with a studio space in an incubator center called Roundhouse LA not long before the tragedy happened.

“Looking at her picture when I see her on the news, it’s like a shock, because it still doesn’t seem like she would be the person you would see on the news.”

For Dennis, her memory is a mixture of creativity, passion for make-up, kindness, and hard work.

“Everybody understands that she was definitely serious about make-up.”

And it’s also emotionally difficult, not just for Dennis but the rest of Powell’s family, especially her young daughter.

“She’s taking it hard, but she strong, she’s keeping the family strong, she ain’t crying as much as we are.”

But Powell’s death, the 33rd homicide in Mobile has sparked something unexpected — it’s brought the police department and community together to condemn the violent crime.  Since Thursday MPD announced the launch of City H.E.A.T Operation to win back the streets, and step up safety measures.

“We got to make this way bigger than just another passing, or just another death so I think she would be happy to see what we’re doing.”

While Powell’s passion in life was enhancing people’s beauty, her legacy may be bringing out the beauty in her community.  She leaves behind a five-year-old daughter.  A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family. If you’d like to donate, click here. 


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