Bill Clinton Campaigns for Hillary in Pensacola

Bill Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton told voters “answers are better than anger,” as he campaigned for his wife Hillary in Pensacola Saturday.


Several hundred people packed the Dobbs Community Center on East Mallory Street. Clinton spoke for about 55 minutes on various social and economic issues. He never mentioned “Donald Trump” by name.


“Hillary’s opponent wants you to go back to believing in trickle-down economics,” the former president said.


One of only two presidents to be impeached, Bill Clinton is now a major asset in his wife’s campaign. His stop in Pensacola concluded a two-day; four-stop trip to Florida dubbed the “Stronger Together Tour.”


“This ‘Stronger Together’ is not just a slogan, it’s a way of thinking, a way of life,” he told the cheering crowd.


Clinton said by contrast Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan is divisive.


“Fifty years ago wasn’t so great for a lot of people. It wasn’t so back for African Americans and Latinos. It was a nightmare for gays forced to living in a closet.”


Knowing his audience in military strong Pensacola, Clinton also told the crowd about a number of former generals supporting his wife.


Clinton said he has loved Pensacola since he was a senior in high school and his band made a trip to the city.


Unlike his Friday stop in Jacksonville where hecklers shouted “rapist,” his Pensacola speech went uninterrupted. Two Trump supporters did waive signs at Clinton’s bus as it left the venue.

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