Pensacola Haunted House ‘Screaming’ To Find A Cure


Enter if you dare, at your own risk.

From eye balls in a jar to skeletal cats, ghosts and goblins, it is here.

“Part of the surprise with a haunted house, is that you don’t know what you are going to see, when you get inside, so I don’t really want to give the details out before but I can tell you if you like a good, scare, put on by two great organizations, it definitely worth your time and effort to come out here and enjoy it,” says Ed Brown, 4th Vice President Hadji Shrine.

23 rooms with more than 8,000 square feet are filled with the haunting sights and sounds of Halloween.

Every room is different, but the cause is the same.

The Hadji haunted is one of the largest in the Pensacola area, and raises thousands of dollars to help women with the cost of mammograms.

“Our mission is to provide, free mammograms for people who cannot afford to have a mammogram otherwise, because early detection is the key,” says Barbara Dean, Vice President Breast Cancer Association.

Only in its second year, but the success has been about helping women who need mammograms.

“The sooner that we can find out the better, and that’s what our mission is there is no reason for you to not have a mammogram,” says Dean.

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