CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman Shoplifts Home Security Equipment

Caught on Camera
Surveillance cameras capture woman stealing surveillance cameras.

Entering into the Daphne Walmart, a woman, casually dressed, wearing a hat, her purse on her shoulder as she looks for home security items with no intention of paying for any of it.

“Definitely something we don’t see every day,” says Daphne Police Cpl. Jason Vannoy. “Those are expensive items and obviously she is concerned with security.”

Surveillance cameras in the electronics department capture her pushing a buggy, that by now she has loaded with a storage container, and then cleaning out a display of three thousand dollars worth of home security equipment.
“Primarily they were components of a home alarm system and a doorbell wi-fi monitoring system to monitor who is coming to your house and ringing your doorbell,” says Vannoy.

More than a dozen times she takes items from the shelf, puts them in the container and when she’s through she heads for the front of the store. Once there she acts like she is shopping until the coast is clear and then she leaves.

The getaway car is a small, silver, four-door, possibly a Ford.

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