Pensacola Fair Off to a Safe Start

It’s finally here!  The Pensacola Interstate Fair kicked off Thursday evening, jam-packed with entertainment, deep fryers, and rides!  Set up for the rides began late Tuesday evening, and with that comes inspections at the fairgrounds to make sure everything was in top condition.

Yesterday, we went out to the fair when state inspectors were going through and checking everything out, and the tests the rides have to go through aren’t easy.

Sometimes, people get nervous about a ride’s stability and safety.  Florida state inspectors spent Wednesday making sure everything is in perfect running condition.  They checked hydraulics, restraints, and even made sure the proper signs were displayed.  If things aren’t perfect, the midway who brings the rides will work until they are.

“If they find something that they’re questioning, we fix it immediately,” said Jeff Alberts, the safety coordinator for Reithoffer Shows.  “We have our maintenance truck that goes with us, our electricians that go with us, anything the state finds we fix immediately.”

One mother said knowing her kids will be safe is a relief.  “It makes me feel great as a parent to bring them here so we can have a good time and knowing that everything is safe,” Corinne McCraney said.

Inspectors with the group said one time isn’t enough when it comes to keeping people safe and checking things out.

“Our inspections don’t end,” Alberts said.  “We inspect our rides every single day. That’s a good thing, we inspect them while they’re being set up, while they’re being tore down, while they’re on the road.”

So no matter how they feel once you get on them, “like you were about to blast off” according to one young fair-goer, the state has given all these rides at the fair a green stamp of approval.

Since the Ferris wheel is a crowd favorite, and was given the thumbs up, we even went up ourselves to check out the view.

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