Orange Beach Road Project Makes a U-Turn

Perdido Beach Boulevard
Orange Beach road project underway.

Crews are ripping up asphalt and laying it back down on a one-mile stretch of the eastbound lanes of the main beach road in Orange Beach from Walmart to the Cotton Bayou Beach Access.

It’s all part of a 20 million dollar project that will replace left turns with U-turns.


ALDOT animation of the finished project helps visualize what it will look like. Heading east on Perdido Beach Boulevard if you need to make a left, you will pass where you want to go, make a U-turn and then make a right to your destination.

By cutting down on the number of left turns traffic engineers say it will make the roadway a lot safer. According to the latest numbers, 72 percent of all crashes involve left turns.


The center turn lane will be replaced with designated U-turn lanes. Sidewalks and bike paths will also be added.

The work is being done in phases, during the off-season. This first phase is scheduled to be finished before the summer of 2017.

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