MPD Chief Offers Sincere Apology


News 5 received a statement from Chief Barber’s wife in relation to her comments on Facebook. The statement reads as follows:

“Yesterday, on social media, I engaged in a conversation with an unknown man who directly threatened our daughter, as I wish you could see in the post. In the heat of the moment, I said something I whole heartedly apologize for. It was never my intent to offend anyone by my comment, I’m sorry.  I love all the people of this city and every life is precious.  I love my husband, our family, and I value the important work law enforcement does every day in trying to keep us all safe.”


In a very public forum many know as Facebook, Mobile Police Chief James Barber called for the community to come together after the latest murder in the city.

“And so what I was highlighting was, where is the community in this instance where we?” said Chief Barber.

Here’s the post:


In it, the Chief points what seemed like a random act of violence could have cost anyone their life on Tuesday morning.  But near the end of the post he wrote, “Everyone remembers the name Michael Moore but not even a peep about Delauna Anderson.”

And that’s what ignited a controversy.  Hundreds of Facebook users would later lash out against the chief, and one posts questions how he had the audacity to make the comparison.

“My remarks albeit were well intended were very insensitive to the family of Michael Moore.”Chie

Today in a very public forum, on where he met with community leaders, he acknowledged he made an error.

“My sincerest regrets and my apologies to Michael Moore’s family who themselves have a lost a child.  And I never should have been so insensitive to make a remark about that child,” said Barber.

He also had to apologize on behalf of his wife for insinuated that all black people are violent, after an exchange she believed was a threat against her daughter.


“I know my wife; I know my wife’s heart, she should not have allowed herself to get heated up to the point that she made a comment herself, insensitive no matter what the other person was saying.”

By midday this Wednesday the post was down.  Mayor Sandy Stimpson said he had a discussion with the Chief when he learned about it this morning and asked him to take it down.

“Once I explained the situation how this is received, and there was no real conversation about it,” said Stimpson.

“It wasn’t to disrespect the family of Michael Moore but more to attention to of what’s going on in our community and I think it was well received.”

The post no longers exists on the Chief’s page, but like many things online, it is still being shared.

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