More Money Approved to Make Way for Carnival Cruise Ship

On Wednesday, Mobile City Councilmembers voted to spend nearly $300,000 on dredging in front of the Alabama Cruise Terminal in preparation for the return of Carnival Cruiselines.

Terminal Director Sheila Gurganus explained that the depth in front of the terminal must be 30 feet deep to handle the cruise ship, but is only 28-29 feet deep in many places and needs dredging.

All of the councilmembers voted to approve the project, but councilmember John Williams had initial concerns about whether the dredging would expand into the channel where the State Port Authority has the responsibility of maintenance. Once it was explained the dredging would only consist of the area in front of the terminal, council members were all in agreement that it was a necessity to spend the money.

This comes after the terminal underwent a $4 million dollar renovation to upgrade carpet, paint, check-in desks, the customs area, loading area, and security.

Agenda Item Approved:

  • Authorize contract with C & C Marine, LLC for City of Mobile, Alabama Cruise Terminal Improvements-maintenance dredging, $287,659.00 (Project #CT-017-16; CO259)


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