Mike Moore’s Family Reacts To Police Chief’s Facebook Post

“I have no respect for him because he has no respect for my family,” said Mike Moore’s aunt.

That is her response to comments Police Chief James Barber made on his personal Facebook page.

In his post, he compared the officer-involved shooting death of Michael Moore in June and the murder of Delaunda Anderson, who was shot and killed yesterday morning. Barber said “Everyone remembers the name Michael Moore but not even a peep about Delauna Anderson. I intend to change that narrative and have the conversation, albeit uncomfortable, about the real victims in the African American community. It is time!”


Moore’s aunt attended today’s Anti-Gun Violence meeting where Barber addressed his post and issued an apology.

“My remarks albeit well-intended were very insensitive to the family of Michael Moore,” Chief Barber said.

The family of Michael Moore says that’s not enough.

“He has not once apologized for his officer killing my nephew, for killing Mike Moore. He has not apologized once but every time he gets in front of the camera he’s like “ooh, I feel so bad!” No, this man is a liar. Chief Barber is a liar,” Moore’s aunt said.

However, others who attended today’s meeting had a different reaction to the Chief’s apology.

“It took a lot of courage for him to go out in public and apologize and for that I applaud him. He set the record straight right off the bat and that set the tone for the meeting today,” Nicole Gardner said.

“I really appreciate his apology, but at the end of the day social media will bring out the worst in you and sometimes it brings out the best, but at the end of the day I appreciate his apology,” Dirty Dan said.

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