Get to Know the Blues Behind Fat Albert

They have one of the most well-known titles in all of Pensacola, but how much do you really know about the Blue Angel Pilots? Tuesday evening, two of te C-130, or Fat Albert, pilots sat down with a group of people at Seville Quarter for Blues in the City.

They’ve been soaring and dipping through the skies all summer, but Tuesday evening, Captain Katie Higgins and Major Mark Hamilton, two of Fat Albert’s pilots, took time to hang out with some of their biggest fans.


“I love Fat Albert!” exclaimed William Kennedy, a veteran and Blue Angel’s fan.  “Of course, I like the jets, but you gotta give props to the good Ol’ Fat Albert.”

For about 45 minutes, people in the crowd asked questions about the C-130 known as Fat Albert.  “Bert” won’t be flying at the November Homecoming Show because of a crack in the wing, but the logistical duties of the all-marine pilots are still being taken care of.

“We still have a mission to accomplish,” said Major Hamilton.  “The C-130 crew’s main mission on the team is logistics.  That’s what we came here for back when the C-130 came here in 1970 for is to move those parts and those maintainers to and from a show site.”

It’s the 70th anniversary year for the team, and it’s been a year full of challenges, but Captain Higgins known, Captain Kuss is proud.

“We’re not finishing the season with Jeff which is definitely heartbreaking, and we miss him,” Captain Higgins said.  “But, he would be proud of what we put on for the rest of this season and the way that Frank, our replacement number 6, came in and he fit right in with the team and we carried on the mission and Jeff would be really proud about that, and I’m really proud of what this team has done and what we’ve overcome as a family.”

The Blue Angels will be taking to the skies for the last time this season November 11th and 12th.  That’s their homecoming show and of course, it’s right here in Pensacola.

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