Council Approves Money To Fix Drainage Issues at Hank Aaron Stadium

Mobile City Council members voted today to spend more than $600,000 to renovate the field drainage system and make other repairs at Hank Aaron Stadium.

“How many times have we gone to the park and sat for an hour or so while they tried to get the water to a place where the game could be played, only to send people home,” Councilmember John Williams asked. “We’ve got to do something if we’re going to have a minor league presence, which I think is important to the youth and to our vibrant city. We need to do what’ss necessary to ensure games are played on time, and that someone from the major leagues sees Mobile as the place to put their minor league team.”

Williams received some pushback from Councilmember Bess Rich who criticized spending the money because the owners of the Bay Bears still owe the City of Mobile money.

” All our parks could use this money. I just feel there’s not enough emphasis on the private sector that’s using this money,” Rich said.

Rich was the only councilmember to vote against  the repairs.

Chief of Staff Colby Cooper praised the council for passing the improvements, saying this is the last thing the city needs to do besides routine maintenance to fulfill their end of the contract with the Bay Bears.

Council approved the following agenda items:

  • Reallocate $250,000.00 from Capital Project E0010 Equipment-Administrative Services in the Capital Improvement Fund to Capital Project C0253 Recreation-Hank Aaron Stadium Renov. & Repairs
  • Authorize contract with Youngblood-Barrett Construction & Engineering, Inc. for Hank Aaron Stadium Renovations & Repairs-field drainage improvements, $356,261.00 (2017 CIP Project #297, D4; PR-189-16)


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