Update: Milk Truck Driver Still In Intensive Care


A spokesman with the USA Medical Center said the driver of the milk truck, John Owens, is still in the intensive care unit.  First responders say he suffered burns and broken bones from the crash.  A life flight helicopter was used to take Owens to the hospital on Oct. 8.



Mobile, AL (WKRG)

Speed contributes to a lot of crashes.  This is one case where driving well below the speed limit may have been a factor.  State Troopers sent the accident report to News 5.

This started before dawn on a Saturday morning, Oct. 8.  State Troopers say two utility trucks were in the right-hand land of the Bayway eastbound.  They were only going 30-35 miles per hour according to the report.  One had their emergency lights on because one of the utility trucks was having mechanical problems.

The milk truck driver noticed the utility trucks were traveling slowly.  The driver of the milk truck, John Owens, tried changing lanes to avoid the utility trucks but hit one of the trucks from behind.  Then the report said the driver overcorrected and veered back to the right side before the milk truck hit the side barrier–burst into flames and went over into the water.  Owens was the only one hurt in the crash.

img_0333 img_0331 img_0324-2 img_0332 trailer

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