Pay As You Go School Construction Underway in Baldwin Co.

School construction projects
Construction projects are underway on half a dozen school campuses in Baldwin County.

A parade of Elsanor Elementary School students head into the main building from one of 11 portable classrooms on campus. By this time next year those portable classrooms are expected to be replaced.

“It will be a 10 room addition,” says principal Susan Runnels. “I will have my Pre-K through second-grade classes in there.”


Elsanor Elementary, along with five other campuses in the Baldwin system, are part of 15 and a half million dollars in construction projects to address a school system bursting at the seams.

Red clay construction pads have become part of half a dozen campuses, like Central Baldwin Middle School, that will see classroom additions or cafeteria expansions this year. It’s an effort to at least reduce more than a hundred portable classrooms currently in use systemwide.


“We are not going to kick a gift horse in the mouth,” says Runnels. “We are just happy to have it. We’ll just make do when we continue to grow and we have more students who come and we’ll welcome them to our happy little family and we’ll find a place for them.”

For Elsanor Elementary School 10 new classrooms will be enough, for now.


Perdido and Elberta Elementary schools along with Fairhope and Robertsdale High schools are also in the first phase of construction projects in the systems “Pay As You Go” plan.

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