MPD Chief: 33rd Homicide To Bring Up Uncomfortable Conversation

This Tuesday’s shooting death has stirred the Mobile Police Chief to bring up a very uncomfortable conversation.

“You know shortly after 4 o’clock this morning we received a call of a car accident on I-10 and Michigan Avenue,” said Mobile Police Chief James Barber.

Officers found 24-year-old Delauna Anderson shot multiple times in her car.  They rushed her to the hospital, where she later died.

“We did find shell casings in the area of Duval Street.”

And that’s about all police right now have to find Anderson’s killer.  And it’s this shooting, this victim that the Chief wants everyone to remember.

“This particular young lady was involved in no at-risk behavior none; it could have been anyone of us.  She began her day much like many of us did; she got up got dressed got ready for work and got into her car and was preceding to work when this assault happened.”

The point he says is it could have been anyone. This makes the 33rd homicide this year.  Ten more than last year, an incredible spike for the Port City.  And that has the Chief looking to focus on the stats.

“It’s an uncomfortable conversation that a lot of people don’t want to have but most of our homicide victims that we’re dealing with, over 80 percent this year are from the African American community.”

It’s an uncomfortable conversation that he hopes will call in resources to develop more jobs and opportunities for young people in economically depressed areas.  But by calling on one community in particular, how will that help, so we asked him — if the headline tomorrow said “MPD Chief African American Community to come together or to have this difficult conversation, would that be fair?

“You know you’ll see that tomorrow.  We’ll have the 100 Black Men, Mobile United, and so the diversity of our community and the richness of that community to pull together to work with the police department to create an environment where this is not tolerated anymore.”

That conversation will continue tomorrow as he meets with these groups at noon tomorrow.  News 5 will be there, and we will update you with what happens.

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