Last-Minute Registrants File Into Election Offices For Final Deadline

A steady flow of people went in and out of the election office in Pensacola today, registering to vote, including 22-year-old Samuel West.

West says he is taking advantage of the extended voter registration deadline.

“If you have a voice you can change things, you can see how the world changes [and] you can affect life,” West said. “Especially now since I am getting older, things affect me politically.”

He says others need to be reminded that the process is simple.

“Oh yeah, it was really easy,” West said. “Just fill out the form and that’s it.”

Greg Vaughn is updating his resignation information after a move to Escambia County.

“We’ve had a mixed history in Florida with our mail in ballots, so I like to do it at the poll or early voting so I feel secure in the process,” Vaughn said.

With the historic election looming around the corner, people took advantage of the extra time.

“It’s been very busy. I just looked at the numbers and we have had about 750 new registrations since the beginning of October,” said David Stafford, election supervisor.

And today’s registrants encourage others to make use of the time they took registering.

“Go out and vote!” One voter said. “Don’t let no one hinder you from doing so it’s one thing to register. You have taken care of one leg, do the other part and vote Nov. 8 for the candidate of your choice.”

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