VP Hopeful’s Wife Campaigns in Pensacola

Anne Holton. wife of VP HopefulTim Kaine, addresses Democratic Women of Escambia County on Oct. 17, 2016.

With the presidential election just three weeks away, Anne Holton is campaigning in the swing state of Florida, hoping to drum up votes for Hillary Clinton, and running mate, Tim Kaine.

Holton has a very personal interest in this election: her husband is the Democratic vice presidential candidate. Hitting the road to gather more votes was easy.

“I said, ‘I am all in,'” says Holton.

Holton spoke to the Escambia County Democratic Women’s Club, and she focused on education and our criminal justice system.

Issues, she says are important to Clinton and her husband.

But she says most of all, this election is about turning the tables.

“We have a strong man supporting a strong woman,” says Holton

Holton says Clinton and Kaine are the candidates that will work for the American people.

“I am so excited about the family leave proposal, and the minimum wage proposal as anti poverty proposals for women,” says Holton.

Supporters were all ears.

“Every young person should have the opportunity to get that bachelor’s degree, to get that extra push of education, and to bring someone here who understands that and gets that is committed along with secretary Clinton with that, you can’t bet that,” says field organizer Regina Partee.

“She is an amazing woman, and spoke about stronger together, and it was really good to have her here and unite us and inspire us, to want to get out and work harder and do this for the country,” says Dianne Krumel, President of the Escambia County Democratic Women.

“I am so glad I got a chance to be a part of history, to just hear a woman speak about social injustice, and just to speak up for those who don’t have a voice,” says Stephani Mitchell, Clinton volunteer.

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