Roger Williams Resident Reflects On Violence Over The Weekend


Beverly Curtis has lived in Roger Williams for the past 30 years. Her house is mere feet from two shootings that happened this weekend. One was a homicide she witnessed right across the street.

Curtis said, “I heard the gun shot. I glanced…I was cleaning at my sink. I don’t know him but I went to try to help the man and he was fighting for his life.”

The other shooting happened during a peaceful protest commemorating the closure of Roger Williams Apartments. The gunfire was captured during rapper C-Nile’s Facebook Live video. Five people were shot- four adults and one juvenile. MPD is still investigating this shooting.

Terrence Perkins, with MPD, said, “At this time we can confirm we are working an incident on 1800 block of St. Stephens Road where we have multiple individuals that are shot. No one is in critical condition all of them have sustained non-life threatening injuries.”

However, despite the string of violence this weekend Beverly Curtis doesn’t want that to reflect on the place she calls home. Curtis said, “There was no violence all unity [at the block party]…whoever did that was they wasn’t from here.”

She also calls for the violence to stop.

“If the police shoot somebody it’s a ricka-more-role. What about one on one killings? Blacks out doing it one on one…do something about that.”

We know very little information about either case at this time but as we find out more information we will let you know.

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