Tax Records Give Insight into Secretive ACEGOV Group

acegov web pic
Picture of ACEGOV website.


ACEGOV, the nonprofit created to promote Governor Bentley’s tax plan, has stayed dormant ever since Governor Robert Bentley’s alleged affair with his top aide, Rebekah Mason, was exposed back in March. But, after multiple requests dating back several months, News 5 has finally obtained the 2015 tax records for the organization that was speculated to be a “dark money” group.

The 990-EZ tax form shows ACEGOV raised $90,600 last year, but doesn’t list a single donor because 501(c)(4) nonprofits aren’t legally required to release that information.

Of that, ACEGOV spent $63,574 on  expenses such as bank fees, conferences, web development, polling, agent fees, and fundraising. Web development was one of the group’s biggest expenses, and the majority of the money they spent went to Rebekah Mason’s communications firm.

At a glance, nothing seems unusual, but if you flash back to a 2015 letter, ACEGOV’s attorney sent to the State Ethics Commission asking to create the organization in the first place, it claims Mason  is “currently serving in an unpaid, volunteer capacity as a senior advisor in the Governor’s administration.”

Records show, however, Mason was making thousands of dollars a month from Bentley’s campaign fund at the time of the letter.

We called the State Ethics Commission for clarification or comment but did not hear back before our deadline.



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