Pence Supporters Rally for Trump

Pence in Pensacola

Among all the red, white and Trump, someone you might not expect. “I have never liked Trump. In the past, I have never seen none of his show on TV because I didn’t like the guy but the choice they gave us right now, I have to vote for Trump.” Josie Cossey will be the first to tell you she is an American. She is here legally and has been for 44 years.


“The refugees in the past were coming to have a better life, to have good jobs. Now most of them are Isis. They are not refugees they are coming for our heads and our country.”


She has done more than just buy the t-shirt, she is actively campaigning for her candidate and wanting answers for issues like jobs, border security, social security and support for veterans. “I’m sick and tired, like two kids fighting over sex, over this, over that. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in what you are going to do for our country. How are we going to better America?”

Focusing on the issues, she says, is what needs to happen with only 25 days left before the election.

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