Justice Roy Moore Tells News 5 He’s Not Moving Out

Cleaning out his office is something Chief Justice Roy Moore has no plans to do in the near future, despite a warning to do so.

“Oh no that has nothing to do with why I’m up here today,” said Moore.

Moore talked to us by phone because he took the day off to work on his farm.

“Well I understand what the order was of the COJ but that had nothing to do with clearing out my office,” explained Moore.

Last month, he suspended by the Court of the Judiciary for ethics violations. This week, acting Chief Justice Lyn Stuart sent him letters warning him to leave the building.

“I still should have a staff and the staff should remain and not be fired.  I have one of my staff attorneys with six children and they just cut him off from his pay, and his health insurance, it’s not a good situation.”

Justice Stuart declined an interview, and her office would not comment further on the letters.

“She doesn’t have a reason, they’re acting as if it was a removal and that’s the whole problem with this case.”

Moore adds, he was suspended not for what he did but for what he believes.  His case is pending an appeal.  This is the second time he’s been suspended.  In 2003 he was suspended for refusing to remove the ten commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building.  He was later removed from office, before being re-elected back to the bench.

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