UWF Holds ‘End Zone’ Celebration For Outgoing President, Judith Bense


With celebration, proclamations and well wishes, Dr. Judith Bense was sent off in style, but it wasn’t your average farewell.

The outgoing president got a chance to give a state of the university address, and her list of accomplishments is long.

From 12 new academic programs and 8 new buildings to the launch of two new sports programs — including women’s swimming and diving and the university’s football program, Bense certainly left her mark on the university. What started as ideas now exist in reality.

“Improving student life — football is a part of it, the dorms are part of it, having programs are a part of it, having the apartments being built right next to campus,” Bense said. “So their kind of goals that are pervasive, and so how does it feel? It feels terrific.”

Bense is proud of her mark on UWF history.

“One of the things about being a history maker is that it’s a blessing and a curse,” Bense said. “You kind of wish someone knew what to do before you got there, but we had to remember what was most important for the university, and that was faculty.”

But she’s not just satisfied with making history. She wants to push the university forward.

“Martha will lead you to the next level [to] keep the momentum going,” Bense said.

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