Second Murder in Crossroads, Suspect in Custody

Baldwin Co. Sheriff's Office
A second murder in less than a week in the Crossroads Community.

Sheriff’s investigators were back along Highway 225 in the Crossroads community looking for evidence in the second homicide in the community in less than a week.

“Deputies received a call around 11 o’clock last night of a possible fight,” says Major Anthony Lowery with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

By the time deputies got to the Whippoorwill Lane address, Butch Gibson had been stabbed in the chest.


“It was a fatal wound,” says Lowery. “The victim did try to make it back to his residence but was unable to.”

Eric Snider is charged with the murder. Investigators say he was arguing with Gibson and almost left before the violence erupted.

46-year-old Lee Snider is charged with the murder of "Butch" Gibson. Mugshot is from a previous arrest earlier this year.
46-year-old Eric Lee Snider is charged with the murder of “Butch” Gibson.


“He had an opportunity to leave. He had an opportunity if he felt there was something wrong to call 911. All the things we ask people to do all the time. Those aren’t the decisions he made. He decided to get out and fight and he produced a knife,” says Lowery.

The sudden surge in violence in the normally quiet community has everyone on edge. “It has got everybody a little skittish of what’s going on around here right now,” says neighbor Deborah Gainey.

Funeral services for Buddy Broughton will be held Friday. He was murdered just six days ago. Authorities still don’t have a suspect in custody in that case.

Buddy Broughton

“Mr. Broughton was very highly thought of in that community and that’s certainly something investigators have been working around the clock to solve this case,” according to Lowery.

Now, another family in grief and planning a funeral. “It’s very sad,” says Gainey. “You have to be leery of anybody that’s just going up and down the road anymore. You never know what’s going to happen.”

The Crossroads murders are the only two murders so far this year being investigated by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

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