Paula Deen Wows Crowd at Store Opening

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

A southern star is the big highlight of the new Belk grand opening.  The department store now occupies the spot formerly held by Sears in the Bel Air Mall.  Paula Deen knows how to work with a crowd and when she spoke to the crowd Wednesday morning, you might notice her cane–not because she’s getting old but because of recent knee surgery.  I made sure we were sitting when we talked later and she was happy to be back in Mobile.

“I understand airbuses are being built here now it’s a progressive city, it’s in the south and on the water and to me in just doesn’t get any better than that,” said Paula Deen.  Hundreds waited outside–the first people in line were there for price cuts, not Paula.  Some were definitely there for Paula.  Selfies were doled out as Deen promotes her new TV show starting this weekend. She calls positively Paula a back to basics show.

“When it’s just kind of me talking to my friends out there that I wish were just right there beside me I want to bring comfort and I want to bring hope,” said Deen.  Positively Paula starts airing in syndication this weekend.  You can catch the premier Sunday morning at 11 on our sister station the CW 55.

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