Mobile Mayor Stimpson to Seek Second Term



Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson released a video and press release today announcing his intention to seek a second term.  So far, so good, since there are no confirmed candidates who have announced they plan to run against him.

Weeks ago there was word that former two-term Mayor Sam Jones was considering a run at the office again.  However that is unconfirmed.

Stimpson is riding on a good list of accomplishments of just 3 years in office.  They include a $21m capital improvement project; upgrades to parks; bringing Uber and another cruise ship to the port city.  Just recently the mayor proposed and guided a plan to give police officers and other first-responders a pay raise.

The mayor says the foundation to be able to do all of that was by getting the city’s financial picture in shape.  That is reflected also in recent news that Mobile’s credit rating has been upgraded to stable where it had been looking at a potential downgrade.

Voters will head to the polls on August 22, 2017 to vote in the Mobile mayoral race.

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