After 29th Homicide MPD Chief Asking “How Do We Get A Grip On Violence?”



Another tragic death unfolded this morning as the sun came over Ghent Street.

“And my sister came up saying Keyjuan just got shot; Keyjuan just got shot,” Shanavia Wooten, victim’s ex-girlfriend.

28-year-old Kenjuan Dailey lay dead in the grass near a home on the street. He was the victim of a shooting that occurred around 8:30 am this Wednesday morning.  His son’s mother now has the heavy burden of telling their son.

“I don’t want to be the one to… I prefer his grandma or his grandaddy.  Because seeing my kids hurt, to lose a daddy, I lost a daddy, so imagine how it feels.”

“We are working today our 5th homicide in as many days,” said Chief James Barber, Mobile Police Department.

Dailey is the 29th victim this year that’s six more people who have been killed than all of the last years.

“We’re trying to get a grip on what’s going on in our neighborhoods and this uptick in violence,” said Barber.

While the focus is on numbers, looking back in 1997, there were over 50 homicides a year in Mobile.  More recently in 2008 it was 42.  But each victim was more than a number.

Even strangers reading a list of names can find something to relate to.

“We should come together,” said Wooten.

And potentially tomorrow the sun will shine on safer streets.  But first police are asking for help with any information that could help find the person who gunned down Dailey.  So far they have made no arrests.

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