MPD Raises Fuel Mobile Co. Sheriff’s Office Request For More Pay

Even after the Mobile County Commissioners have wrapped up their budget, the Sheriff’s Office is still fighting for more pay.

Deputies and personnel are getting a 2.5 percent pay bump this year, along with a $1,000 bonus.  But they say that’s still not enough. Starting pay for some starts at $30,000.  As a result of the low pay, Sheriff Sam Cochran says it’s causing a crisis in retention, he fears some may even leave for the Mobile City Police force, Baldwin County Sheriff’s, or Prichard especially since officers are expected to receive a substantial raise there.

“Recently with the City of Mobile received a rather large raise to bring their officers back up near what they should be making, it’s brought about to us and impact as to how it would impact the deputy sheriff.  Historically at least for at least for 25 years the Sheriff’s Deputies and the Mobile Police Officers have been on the same pay scale making the same rates of pay,” said Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran.

Commissioners say they will work on it, but they cannot dip into reserves.  That leaves the surplus fund.

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