Jacksonville Residents Face Flood Damage After Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew came and went, leaving behind much destruction in its path.  There was no landfall in Jacksonville Beach, but flooding was still a major problem for some residents.

Hurricane Matthew hit Jacksonville Beach on Friday afternoon.

On Saturday morning, we met some people who told us about their experience.

“Thank God we came out of this the way we did,” said Larry Shaver, who lives on the 12th floor of Ocean 14 Condominiums.

Their pool was damaged, and they had  water damage in their condo.

“I mean, it’s a little emotional,” Shaver said.  “It’s frightening to think that what you’ve worked all your life for could be in jeopardy, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.”

Down flooded First Street, residents are trying to figure out what to do with the flood water that’s in their homes, because we heard it isn’t just water.


“I feel — house wise — we definitely got the worst of it,” said Brittney, who lives on Jacksonville Beach.

After a hurricane, most people would think that the water in the street is just from the ocean, but in fact, we’ve heard from officials that it actually has a lot of sewage in it.

“This is all just completely soaked and disgusting basically,” Brittney said, walking our crew through her house.

Brittney believes the home she rents is of the most badly damaged on her street.

“I’ve been asking neighbors, [and] they’re all like no, we’re fine,” she said. “So I’m like, great, it’s basically just us, and it is what it is.”

Cleanup is underway, but it’ll be a long process. All they can do is be thankful for what they could save.

Hurricane Matthew continued up the East Coast, causing catastrophic damage in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina as well.  A total of 26 people were killed by the storm in the United States.

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