Hurricane Forecast Model Abbreviations

Hurricane Forecast Models
Hurricane Forecast Models

“Spaghetti” plots are the center point of a low pressure system track forecast from many weather models. When the multiple models are close together it tells the forecaster that a particular track or location is more likely.

For hurricanes, there are dozens of models and model groups used around the world for forecasting and for creating spaghetti plots. Each model may use different equations and have different resolutions (detail). They all have to solve math problems at grid points both horizontally and vertically. Remember that weather models perform like stocks- No one is always good, that’s why many are used; some are good in certain situations or latitudes; and some give the best overall solution when grouped together like a mutual fund. Here are just a few of the models you might see used on TV or online…

HWRF is Hurricane Weather Forecast Model

CMC is Canadian Meteorological Center

UKMET is United Kingdom Meteorology

GFDL is Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

GFSO is Global Forecast System Operational

The National Hurricane Center uses many more models and here are what the other abbreviations stand for. It’s a long list of different models, with different computing methods.

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