Residents Pick Up Pieces After Apartment Fire

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

The Saturday night fire sent renters scrambling.

“I heard a boom, and had to leave, saw smoke,” said Renter Angelica Sullivan. She and her husband say they rushed out Saturday night with just two children and the clothes on their backs. It appears the fire started in their unit.

“We’re blessed to be alive, I’m blessed to be alive, we’re all blessed to see this beautiful day,” said Sullivan. Sunday morning, all windows and doors of this unit were boarded up. Renters were trying to make sense of a rough Saturday night.

“Man, I was coming home from work, I seen all this commotion, then someone came to give me the bad news,” said Renter Josh Peters. Azalea Pointe has been a sore spot for Mobile Police this year with three homicides and more than 500 calls for service from January to September of this year. Renters I spoke with said they didn’t have a problem here.

“I wasn’t looking to leave, I was comfortable in my apartment you know I was good,” said Sullivan.

I saw at least one fire investigator back out Sunday taking pictures. Renters say the complex also offered the displaced residents a new place to stay at Azalea Pointe for the time being.

img_0345 img_0346 img_0347 img_0348 img_0349 img_0350

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