Hurricane Matthew Dies but Leaves Behind Destruction

It took hurricane Matthew more than a week to move from the Caribbean to the North Atlantic. But that week is one that many people will not forget.

Hurricane Matthew was a Category 5 hurricane at the start of October. As the storm moved north through the Caribbean, it didn’t weaken much.

Matthew made landfall in Cuba and Haiti Tuesday as a Category 4 storm. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The storm destroyed entire towns and killed around 900 people.

The storm took two days to move through the Bahamas. There it ruined many vacations while battering homes with winds of more than 120 mph.

By Friday morning, the storm was just 20 miles off the coast of Florida. As a category 3 storm, wind gusts of more than 100 mph were reported in Cape Canaveral. News Five’s Hayley Minogue was in Jacksonville Friday evening.

“Right now we’re really seeing a very significant increase in the wind,” said Minogue. “The rain has definitely let up on us but the wind is almost pushing me. I’m kind of having to brace myself against it.”

Matthew stayed just off the coast of Georgia Saturday morning. But storm surge helped to create record high tides of more than 12 feet near Savannah.

Landfall late Saturday morning in South Carolina didn’t slow the then Cat 1 hurricane. 8 to 12 inches of rain near the coast created large flooding problems.

“What those categories don’t include is the power of water…and the power of rain,” said Pat McCrory, Governor of North Carolina. “What we’ve learned is the power of water, and what we’ve know is the power of water, and what we warned is the power of water can kill people.”

18 Americans were killed from the storm with the deadliest threat proving to be flooding. The storm has since lost its tropical characteristics after moving into the North Atlantic.

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