Milk Truck Crash Creates Traffic Nightmare

Update:  As of 1:00 am Sunday (10/9) morning, both lanes of the I-10 Bayway have reopened to traffic.

Mobile, AL (WKRG)

If you slowed down on the westbound Bayway–this is what you saw–smashed milk truck just a few feet under your floorboard.  A lot of people slowed to have a look.  While work happened on the eastbound side, people heading west paused for a peek.  That can create problems for both sides of the bay.  I caught at least one wreck on the westbound side that brought traffic to a crawl.  An official with the Spanish Fort Fire Department said they saw more.

“We’ve had multiple accidents after this initial incident and what we’d ask the public to do, really it’s hard not to look but if you’re driving please look ahead, we’ve had a couple of rear end accidents, one of them real serious,” said assistant Chief John Shoemaker.  The milk truck crash created a backup on the eastbound Bayway that was at least five miles long, starting at the Wallace tunnel.


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